Leg Training

Hamstring Pre-stretch Secret


Years of being a PT lecturer taught me anatomy and physiology that has helped tweak exercise movements for better effect. Here is a good example of why knowing your attachments of a muscle is important. The relationship of the calf muscle and the hamstring group is very important for maximal stretch and engagement of either.


I also show the usage of rubber bands to add the extra element of increasing load during the peak force of the exercise. This prevents the muscles from relaxing and letting the joints take over.

Try these tips next time you do stiff leg deadlifts.

Calf Training for Volume


Calves are a stubborn muscle and they respond best when really punished. You stand on your Calves every day without noticing so they can handle a large work load. In this clip I show how you can have 3 minutes of volume/time under tension within a 4 minute period. That's a lot of tension in a very short time. 3 sets, 3 variations, 3 reasons for the Calves to respond.